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Teaching Immunisation &
Infection control
Quick links & Checklists
Clostridium difficile
> Infection control guidelines (AICA, ASID, 2011)
> Treatment guidelines (ASID, 2016)
> Treatment guidelines - old (ASID, 2011)
> Severe disease definitions


CMV, treatment of resistant diseases (2016)

Dengue definitions (US CDC)

Ebola (Australia)

Hepatitis B
> Advice for GPs (Victorian)
> ASHM decision making guide (non-NT)
> ASHM decision making guide (NT)
> ASHM resources
> FibroScan scoring card

Hepatitis B meds (PBS)
> Entecavir
> Tenofovir

Hepatitis C
> APRI calculator
> Australian guidelines online
> Decision making in HCV (ASHM, 2017)
> Decision making in advanced liver disease related to viral hepatitis (ASHM, 2017)
> Fibrogene calculator
> FibroScan scoring card
> GESA Australian resources
> PBS criteria (2016)
> PBS factsheets (2016)
> Primary care providers (ASHM, 2016)
> Quick reference GL (ASHM, 2016)
> Resistance testing form (ICPMR, 2017)

HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (NPEP)
> Victorian guidelines

HIV treatment
> Australian guidelines
> USA guidelines

Leprosy (NT, 2010)

Meningococcal disease
> Australian guidelines (CDNA, 2015)
> Australian serogroup W outbreak (Aus, 2017)

MERS-CoV (Australia)

> Boils and skin infections (NSW Health)
> Decolonisation guide for doctors (Boutlis, 2008)
> Decolonisation guide for patients (Boutlis, 2008)
> MRSA in the community (NSW Health)
> Patient information (DHS, Vic)
> Patient information (NSW Health)
> Patient information (UpToDate, USA)
> Treatment guidelines (IDSA, 2011)
> West Australia collected resources

Schistosomiasis assessment form (Boutlis, 2008)

Staphylococcus aureus
> Staphylococcus aureus infections (ASID, 2005)

Staph aureus bacteremia case review process
> Community acquired form
> Essentials of care
> Healthcare associated form
> Letter to clinicians

Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia
> Management
> SA guidelines
>> Quick checklist

> Drug monographs (inc. MDR-TB)
> Management guidelines (Vic, 2015)
> McGill LTBI calculator
> Short MDR factsheet (WHO, May 2016)
> MDR-TB guidelines (WHO, 2016)

> Australian government site

Anti-fungal therapy (Australian, 2014)

Antimicrobial stewardship
> US CDC Guidance

Autoimmune hepatitis calculators
> Full
> Abbreviated

Bronchiectasis (MJA, 2010)
> Australian G/L (MJA, 2010)
> British G/L (Thoracic Society, 2010)

Cardiac implantable device inc. pacemaker infections (AHA, 2010)
> European guidelines (2020)

Chronic conditions, patient resources NT

Chronic venous insufficiency
> Dermet, NZ
> Medscape
> Patient.co.uk

Diabetic foot infections
> Wollongong protocol
> IDSA protocol
> Royal Melbourne

Encephalitis (Aust, 2015)

> AHA/IDSA guidelines (2015)
> Australian TG (2014)
> British guidelines (2012)
> (Old) British guidelines (2004)
> Duke criteria (modified)
> Duke scoring system
> European guidelines (2009)

Febrile neutropenia (Australian Guidelines)

Gentamicin toxicity
> Videos in MJA article

Health anxiety course for patients with medically unexplained symptoms (UNSW)
> Journal article introduction (MJA, 2017)

Mycology online (University of Adelaide)

Parasite lifecycles

Pericarditis (ESC, 2015)

Perinatal infections
> ASID flowcharts
> SA Health guidelines

Peritonitis in CAPD (ISPD, 2010)

Prosthetic joint infection 2 stage revision recommendations (Boutlis, 2008)

Refugee health
> ASID guidelines (2016)
> Minnesota resources "Clinicians Corner"
> Northern Territory screening guidelines
> US CDC refugee screening

Rheumatic fever / rheumatic heart disease (Aus, 2012)

> Empiric antibiotics (NSW CEC, being updated)
> Sepsis Kills campaign (NSW CEC, 2011)

> Spleen Australia (Vic Spleen Registry)

Stability of IV antibiotic infusors

STI guidelines (Australia)

Surgical prophylaxis guidelines (US, 2013)
> Pocket guide

Travel medicine
> CDC travel medicine (USA)
> Differential diagnosis in travellers (Kabisa)
> Differential diagnosis in travellers (Swiss)
> Heading home healthy (Mass. Gen. Hosp, USA)
> Interactive world map (WHO)
> International Travel and Health book (WHO)
> Jane Chiodini
> Malaria risk map (US CDC)
> Outbreaks (WHO)
> Travel advice (UK)

Urinary catheter infections (AICA, ASID, HICSIG, 2011)
>Indications for insertion

***Best general sites
> Better health channel infections (DHS, Vic)

ANZPID IV to oral stepdown for antibiotics

ACSQHC surveillance guides

ASHM resources

CARPA guidelines (2017)

CDC healthcare associated infections

EASL viral hepatitis guidelines

ESCMID guidelines


HICPAC guidelines (index)

IDSA practice guidelines


Medicare MBS billing codes

MedLine Plus
> Disease information
> Drug information

MIC clinical breakpoints
> Eucast

Multilingual infectious diseases factsheets
> Vic DHS
> NSW Health MCHS
> QLD Health

> SAB definitions
> SAB definition guide

MyValues advanced care directive online

> Clinical guidelines portal
> MRO patient info sheets

NSW Health
> Communicable diseases guidelines and policy directives (listed)
> Infectious diseases control guidelines (various)
> Infectious diseases guidelines and policy directives (listed)
> Infectious diseases factsheets (various)
> Policy directives search page

Norwegian antibiotic guidelines

NT CDC publications

NT Worksafe certificates

Patient.info (UK)

SHEA guidelines, patient resources etc.

South Australian guidelines

UK Health Protection Agency

UpToDate for patients



100 Ways to lose at tennis

Boutlis malaria thesis, a cure for insomnia (2002)

Pharmaceutical companies
> AHPRA code of conduct (sect. 8)

Steve Tong S. aureus thesis (2010)

* Why ID is the best specialty
> Careers in ID (JID supp, 2017)


Allen Yung's formulae for ID

Antibiotic prescribing cheatsheat

Books of interest to doctors
> Complications (Atul Gawande)
> Gratitude (Oliver Sacks)
> The House of God (Samuel Shem)
> Made to Stick (Chip and Dan Heath)
> Popper (Bryan Magee)
> The Last Lecture (Randy Pausch)
> The Truth About the Drug Companies (Marcia Angell)

Choosing a career in medicine (Boutlis, 2013)

Consultation skills
> How to see an ID consult (Boutlis, 2024)
> Making good consultations (Sexton, 2006)
> The art and science of infectious diseases consultations

CV 'Curriculum Vitae' preparation (Beat Medical)

Death and dying
> Death, dying and letting go
> Five questions to ask at life's end (Gawande)
>Medical registrar perspective (Ashleigh Witt, 2015)

Decision making (Heath Bros

FRACP exam
> Accuracy of physical signs
> Adjustment of patient clothing/attire
> Clinically significant drug interactions
> Common FRACP short cases
> Exam tips (Michael T Gabbett)
> Long case notes (Boutlis, 2020)
> Observations of two examiners (2011)
> Passing the RACP written exam (Charco Azul)
> Set pieces and competing priorities
> Short case notes (Boutlis, 2006)
> Short case notes (Boutlis, 2020)
> Swainson long case method
>> Example
> Understanding the brainstem
> Understanding the NDIS booklet
> Written exam policy
www.passthefracp.com (general tips)

Gender equity in medicine
> Australian Federation of Medical Women
> Level Medicine

Graduation speeches
> 5 rules for a lifetime in medicine (Gawande, 2005)
> All that matters is the person (Berwick, 2010)
> The master-word in medicine (Osler, 1903)
> The mistrust of science (Gawande, 2016)
> The velluvial matrix (Gawande, 2010)

HIV teaching slidesets

How to be an effective ID trainee (Boutlis, 2024)

Interview preparation
Interview tips (Boutlis, 2012)
Interviews demystified (Physician Life, 2010)

Journal article classics (ID)
> Meaning of commensalism, infection, colonization and disease (1)
> Meaning of exposure, infection, colonization and disease (2)
> Redefing virulence and pathogenicity
> Spiraling empiricism with reference to antibiotics
> Why most published research findings are false

Journal club
> Guide to preparing (Boutlis, 2008)
> Finding articles at JournalWatch
> View links to PusCast articles

Lectures etc.
> Fever in the big public hospital

Letter writing for outpatients
> First visit
> Subsequent visit

Long documents course (Boutlis, 2009)
> Seven laws of outline numbering

Mistakes in medicine
> According to Bish
> The second victim

Orientation for ID registrars, how to learn (Boutlis, 2020)

Patient safety
Graded assertiveness communication to raise concerns (Cognitive Institute's Safety CODE)

Podcasts of note
> Gobbet O' Pus / iTunes
> Guilty Feminist
> Persiflagers puscast / iTunes
> This Week in Parasitism / iTunes

Poster making (2005)
> Step by step instructions
> Demo layout
> Example poster no. 1
> Example poster no. 2

PowerPoint presentation tips
> Boutlis, 2009
> How not to give a presentation (Richard Smith)
> Malcolm McDonald, 2008
> Public health presenting

Professionalism in medicine, an A to Z primer

Spiraling empiricism
> Explained and expanded

Stanford 25

Stuff I wish I knew as a medical student (Sambevski, 2009)

Teaching that sticks (Heath bros, 2010)

TED talks of note
> A doctor's touch (Verghese)
> Doctors make mistakes (Goldman)
> How do we heal medicine? (Gawande)
> Lessons from the 1918 flu (Garrett)

Ten tenets for a lifetime in medicine (Boutlis, 2006)

The last lecture (Randy Pausch, YouTube, 2007)

Thesis writing tips (Boutlis, 2004)

Thirty rules for infectious diseases apprentices
> Rules 31 and 32

Time management lecture (Randy Pausch, YouTube, 2007)

Tropical medicine courses
> DTMH, Liverpool, UK
> DTMH, London, UK
> DTMH, Mahidol, Thailand
> DTMH, Melbourne, Australia (Nossal)
> Factsheets (WHO)
> Gorgas, Lima, Peru
> Short course, CMC Vellore, India
> Short course, MgGill, Canada / Summer series 

Writing in plain English (Plain English Campaign)


A to Z of infectious diseases (NSW Health)


Australian Infection Control Guidelines NHMRC (2010)

Australian immunisation handbook online

BlueBook (DHS, VIC)

Blood and body fluid exposure inc. needlestick policy (NSW Health, 2017)

CPE guidelines (Vic, 2015)

Ebola PPE (Grampians, Vic)

Exposure prone procedures defined

Gastro pack for outbreaks in hospitals and other institutions (NSW)

Hand hygiene
*** The best single article on hand hygiene ever produced?
>> Supporting information for this NPSA alert
> Five moments for hand hygiene (original journal article)
> Hand Hygiene Australia
> Save lives clean your hands (WHO)

Healthcare workers infected with hepatitis B, C or HIV
> CDNA (2015, pending)
> NSW Health (2005)
> SHEA (2010)
> US CDC HepB (2012)

Influenza (flu) vaccine for HCWs

MRGN guidelines (ACSQHC 2013)

Notifiable disease case definitions (Aust. national)

Posters in infection control

Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PEP; ASHM 2016)

UK National Resource for Infection Control

Vaccination of staff policy (NSW Health, 2011)

Varicella zoster exposure (US CDC)
> Patients at risk
> Staff at risk
> Use of Zig

Admission guidelines
>Admission criteria (CHS)
> Cellulitis

Adverse drug / vaccine reactions
> Online reporting (TGA)

Antibiotic guidelines (eTG)
> Calculators
> Gentamicin
> Pregnancy, Breastfeeding
> Renal dosing
> Smart-Cop
> Vancomycin

Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH)

Breastfeeding and drugs


> Blood cultures
> DVT prophylaxis (medical)
> DVT prophylaxis (surgical)
> FAST HUG (for ICU)
> MOST WIND (surgery)
> Oral antibiotic criteria
> Salvage criteria for prosthetic joints
> S. aureus bacteremias
> Seeing an ID consult

Conversion to SI units

Creatinine clearance calculators
> TG (includes ideal body wt.)
> Original SydPath calculator

Death certificate obligations by state (AVANT)

Differential diagnosis (DiagnosisPro.com)

Drug interactions
> drugs.com
> Hepatitis-interactions
> HIV-interactions
> Medscape



Gentamicin dosing and adjustment
> Calculate GFR first

GFR (Cockroft Gault formula)
> TG (includes ideal body wt.)
> Original SydPath calculator

Healthscope pathology

Liver toxicity (Liver Tox)

Mandatory training
> External applications

MIMS meds / interactions

NT antimicrobials guide

Opiate / opioid conversion calculator


Pharmaceutical company payments to health professionals (Australia, Search)

Post-operative mortality risk in cirrhosis (Mayo)

Pregnancy drugs (TGA)

PubMed / Medline (temp)

Pulmonary embolism
> Simplified Wells score

Regional Imaging

Renal drug database

> Calvary ID roster 2021
> TGA roster 2021

Snellen chart (A4) for Burrow's test

Special access scheme (SAS)
> Online submission (new system)
> Online system guidance
> Paper forms (old system)

Statistical calculators
> Binomial CIs
> BiTest
> Chi sqd / Fishers
> Open Epi (multiple)

> iPad app

Therapeutic guidelines (eTG)

ToxNet comprehensive toxicology site




Western's results